Welcome to SoilStructure (Latest Substructural & Geotechnical Software)

SoilStructure Software is SubStructural Engineering Software. We specialize in making practical software for soils, foundations & retaining structures.

About 20 years ago, I accidentally discovered a cozy restaurant (Hang on- this has influenced our software pricing in your favor!). It had a delicious cuisine that was not found within a 50 mile (80 km) radius. They had simple offerings to choose from a menu list. And they charged less than I was willing to pay. So I used to frequent this establishment on the weekends. Then after few months, I met the business owner and we chatted. Then few months later if my visit coincided with his working hours, from time to time,he would throw in an extra sandwich or dessert to take home on the house. Then one weekday I visited the restaurant and  saw a line of 100 + people waiting to dine in. His method of doing business resonated with others (no surprise here) but I grew even more curious. Then a year or so passed by and I had to ask. So I said to the owner, “So how come you haven’t raised your prices?” His answer- “Do I look like I am starving?”.

So the things I liked about this business are: (1) He had unique offerings, (2) He charged less than I was willing to pay and (3) He rewarded repeat clients.

We have adopted all his 3 principles of doing business. We have unique software for your substructural portion of design. We charge less than than they are worth.  And, we offer (extra, on the house, free, bonus, etc) to all our repeat clients from time to time. We have clients from 2009 that still return in 2015 (This means a lot to us!). Welcome to SoilStructure Software.

The most common feedbacks we get are “SoilStructure software is very easy to use” and “This is exactly what I wanted”. You can get a 1 year, 3 year or 5 year license tied to a single computer on all the products.  We have same day email registration, often within few hours. There is nothing to mail, everything is done through email. We have users in the Americas, Western Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia/New Zealand.  The combination of practical consulting engineering software & reasonable prices have made us a favorite of the 1 to 30 person consulting engineering firms worldwide.

100% GUARANTEE of plan check acceptance of our software results or your money back.

We have three Substructural software (Drilled Pier, Cantilever/Restrained retaining wall & Shallow Foundation).  We also have three  Geotechical Engineering software (liquefaction analysis, settlement analysis and laterally loaded pile analysis).

We invite you to download any of our DEMO and see the difference. (No forms to fill!)

We concentrate on the interaction of soil and structures.  We only make products that solve tedious problems.