Welcome to SoilStructure (Substructural Engineering Software)

SoilStructure Software, Inc. is a California Corporation that specializes in developing Geotechnical Engineering & SubStructural Engineering Software.  Most existing software treat either soils/rock as a standalone material or analyze substructures as beams, plates or columns. However, SoilStructure Software considers the pile or pier as a rigid element embedded in soils, the retaining wall as a cantilever or propped cantilever embedded in soils and settlement/liquefaction effects of existing sites. In other words, it is not just a beam element or just a rock material, they co-exist, and must therefore be evaluated as a unified SoilStructure system.

When you have a complex drilled shaft foundation project to analyze or design, you can rely on our Drilled Pier software. There is no need to use a simplified spreadsheet that does not take in to account the effects of soil. Drilled Pier solves lateral load forces through pile on elastic foundation approach. The reinforcement design goes beyond just Pu & Mu. We also consider Vu, Tu and T & V ratio. In addition uplift, negative skin friction and fixed or free head boundary conditions can be modeled. Takes just an hour learning curve. Learn more.

If you have a tedious retaining wall or basement wall with unusual surcharges, you can put to use SoilStructure Cantilever and Restrained Retaining Wall Design software. We consider cohesion in the passive zone, we give you option to use the 2013 Seismic earth pressure methodology and we size the shear stem key. Learn More.

When you have to design a multilevel tieback wall soldier beam wall, TBWall is the tool to use. Learn more.

Sometimes you have a round footing or a combined footing with biaxial moments & multiple pedestals, then Shallow Foundation software is needed. Shallow Foundation software also performs bearing capacity analysis for continuous, square, rectangle and round footing shapes. It gives you bearing pressures and factors of safety for uplift, sliding & overturning. Learn more.

On the geotechnical software side, you can analyze liquefaction & seismic settlement effects using the LiquefactionSPT software. You can also compute your lateral displacement magnitude. This software complies with requirements of Special Publication 117A, California Geological Survey, 2008. It computes liquefaction safety factor, seismic settlements and lateral spreading. Learn more.

If you have a driven pile or composite pile with just lateral loads but multi-layered soil deposits, you can get results with SoilStructure Lateral Foundation software. Lear more.

When you have embankments or soft deposits, Settlement Analysis software will remove tediousness from your work. It is perfect for water tanks. Learn more.

The most common feedbacks we get are “SoilStructure software is very easy to use” and “This is exactly what I wanted”. When saving time, avoiding tedious calculations and standardizing your output is paramount get SoilStructure software.

We have four Substructural software (Drilled Pier, Cantilever/Restrained retaining wall, Shallow Foundation & Tiebwack Wall Design).  We also have three Geotechnical Engineering software (liquefaction analysis, settlement analysis and laterally loaded single pile analysis).  We invite you to download all of our DEMO and take it for a spin (No forms to fill out!).

Two motivations to get your SoilStructure software now:

  1. Immediate access codes sent by email while we prepare your USB key for shipping.
  2. A one time 20% discount on all new orders.  See Store page.