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Software Product PURCHASE or LEASE
Liquefaction SPT 3.0
Purchase or Lease
Lateral Foundation
Purchase or Lease
Settlement Analysis
Purchase or Lease
Drilled Pier (Bored Pile) Software
Purchase or Lease
Cantilever and Restrained Retaining Wall
Purchase or Lease
Grade Beam Analysis
Purchase or Lease
Advanced Retaining Wall Software
Retaining Wall on Drilled Pier & Grade Beam Software
Purchase or Lease
Cantilever Shoring
Purchase or Lease
Shallow Foundation
Purchase or Lease
Tieback Wall Software

Email Activation $750 USD
Upgrade for any product
Upgrade product

Alternative Credit/Debit Card Processor


We have two licensing options. A USB key PURCHASE  and a 6 month LEASE.

The USB Key does not expire and can be used on any Windows PC. A USB Key is shipped by priority mail to you within ONE business day (often the same day.) This PURCHASE option is ideal for Users who routinely do the calculations the software is designed to perform. It is also the best value.

The 6 month LEASE is tied to a single Windows PC for those 6 months. It is email activation and so nothing is shipped.  At the end of the LEASE, you may upgrade to USB key or get another 6 month LEASE or wait until you have a project before deciding to PURCHASE or LEASE. Also you can upgrade from LEASE at anytime to a USB Key Purchase.  This LEASE option is ideal for users who may have just one or two projects in a blue moon and for larger companies who want to try our software with minimal risk. It is also for engineers with temporary cash flow crunch & for new startups who are still working out of the home office.

Purchase Policy

All sales are final. If a USB Key is lost, it is unfortunate but the replacement fee is same as the initial purchase price.

All sales are also subjected to the terms of End User License Agreement found here – EULA.


The upgrade price is valid for clients with existing license(s). It is not applicable to new software purchase.

Educational Use Policy

There is 50% discount of all engineering software for technical colleges and universities. A minimum of 5 computers are needed. We believe students should have the full version, so there is no “educational” versus “professional” versions. Email us from your university email address about current SoilStructure Software products.