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Updated March 17, 2017




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SoilStructure SETTLEMENT ANALYSIS software is for the purpose of trying to quickly assess effects of soil consolidation on structures. After more than 3 months of research, review of more than 21 books and months of programming subroutines, SoilStructure Software is pleased to announce the release of SETTLEMENT ANALYSIS Software, New version 2.

Soil Settlement Analysis is complex and left for the experienced geotechnical engineer. The vertical stresses induced by the structural loading are combined with compressibility characteristics of the supporting soils and Bedrock to compute induced soil consolidation and subsequent settlement of structures. Therefore, this Settlement Software is the only geotechnical analysis software that seamlessly integrates geotechnical parameters and footing or embankment loadings/shape with dynamic diagrams as one complete treatment of settlement analysis. This program uses Boussinesq stress analysis.

SoilStructure Settlement Analysis is a Geotechnical Engineering Software with the following capabilities:

  • Input of layered soils – from 2 to 18 layers starting at the bottom of footings or embankments
  • Option to Choose Terzaghi & Peck Method (1967) or Schmertman, Hartman & Brown (1978) method
  • Confirmation of foundation & embankment loadings with dynamic plan & cross section diagram
  • “Guidance” Table on allowable total static and differential static settlement values
  • For layered soils option to choose continuous, rectangular, round and square shapes
  • Ability to hover on a chart with the mouse and see instantly X and Y values of interest
  • Generation of 60 nodes depicting induced stresses and strains
  • Generation of detailed charts and calculation columns with depth
  • NEW- Time rate of consolidation
  • NEW- Center & Edge settlement on circular tanks & footings
  • Dual units option – English and SI Units.

In addition, this geotechnical software can be used for:

  • Settlement analysis of water tanks, oil tanks and silo foundations
  • Settlement analysis of mat or raft foundation (square or circular in shape)
  • Settlement of isolated buildings and solar foundations
  • Settlement of group piles in rectangular, square or circular block shape (at 2/3 embedment level)
  • Settlement of embankments, temporary surcharges and pavements
  • Accurate determination of differential settlement by running two points with a know distance

All you need are boring logs, compressibility/unit weights of soil and foundation/embankment loadings & shape. The program has guidance on most geotechnical properties. There is less than 1 hr learning curve so you can have your analysis today.

Like with other SoilStructure Software, analysis takes 10 minutes or less. For the first time in decades, it is now possible for geotechnical engineers to include static settlement analysis calculations routinely on every project. Users are assumed to be skilled in the “manual calculation” of soil consolidation.

Embankment Example

Coduto Verification

Hunt Verification

Cernica Verification

Oil Tank Example

On some sites, there will be compressible soft Clay or Peat. However, when we have lightly loaded structures, like a Kiosk, there is no need to use piles. We can use Settlement Analysis Software and determine Geofoam(R) block thickness and a simple mat foundation. Below are settlement software charts for a such a project:


Sample Screen Shots

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