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Updated September 21, 2015




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SoilStructure SHALLOW FOUNDATION, version 3 removes the pain of using calculators in the analysis and design of footings. Spreadsheets are hard to preserve and it is time consuming to do all the stability and reinforcement design using in house tools. This spread footing software gives you pleasure and ease when analyzing shallow foundations. This program calculates the bearing capacity of square, rectangular, continuous and circular footings in:

  • Granular soils – Phi soils
  • Cohesive soils – C soils
  • Mixed soils – C-phi soils
  • Ground water table at ground surface or any where below that depth

The program can also work in English unit system & the SI unit system.

The software Supports Window 7, 8 and 10 Systems.

As a result, you can use SHALLOW FOUNDATION v2 to analyze:

  • Solar foundations
  • Sign support foundations
  • Pedestrian Bridges
  • Pre-engineered Metal Buildings (PEMB)
  • Building foundations and
  • Any structure supported on a shallow spread or continuous foundation

This structural engineering software uses both Terzaghi & Vesic for Bearing Capacity analysis. This program references Foundation Design book (3rd Ed.) by Coduto, Kitch & Yeung (2015) 2012 IBC & ACI 318-14.

SHALLOW FOUNDATION can be used by structural engineers since friction angle, cohesion and ground water table are often presented in most soils reports.

SHALLOW FOUNDATION will be a geotechnical engineer’s ally, since both allowable bearing capacity & allowable wall or column loads are presented.

New to version 3 Shallow Foundation Software are the following features:

1. SI units.

2. Circular footings.

3. Stability analysis – Sliding, Overturning & Uplift factors of safety.

4. Up to 4 pedestals on a single spread footing.

5. Reinforcement using U.S. bars, European bars or Canadian bars.

6. Dynamic diagrams showing the bearing capacity & the stability footing dimensions as well kern, 4 corners bearing pressures AND

7. Biaxial Moment, Shear in both X & Y directions & Uplift loadings.

You will love the ease of quick entry and the use of standard units. The 3 page report can be printed on paper or on a PDF format. The download version will unlock to a full license once purchased.

Screen Shots

Shallow Foundation #1 Shallow Foundation #2
Shallow Foundation #3 Shallow Foundation #4

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