Grade Beam Analysis Software

GRADE BEAM ANALYSIS – Analyses Grade Beams that are not soil supported which are subjected to Lateral Shear, Vertical Moment, Lateral Moment, Torsion and Axial Forces. V1. (ACI 318-14)

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Updated December 20, 2017




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SoilStructure GRADE BEAM, version 1 simplifies the calculations of grade beams spanning drilled pier supports. Spreadsheets are hard to preserve and it is time consuming to do the shear, moment, axial and torsion design on prismatic beams using in house tools. This program currently supports the English Unit System.

This Grade Beam software can also do analysis of Spandrel beams.

SoilStructure GRADE BEAM software has the following unique capabilities:

  • Takes Vux, Tu, Mux, Muy and Pu as input loads simultaneously.
  • Computes Threshold Torsion, Shear design, Torsional reinforcement & Biaxial Moment analysis.
  • Allows input of skin reinforcement.
  • Draws cross section with reinforcement
  • Plots P-M Table & Diagrams.
  • Outputs Utilization of Shear, Moment and Torsion as a percentage of capacity.
  • Displays PhiPn and PhiMn is X & Y Axis


Screen Shots of Grade Beam Analysis Software

Download Free DEMO