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Updated February 14, 2018




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SoilStructure DRIVEN PILE PROFESSIONAL is a comprehensive pile design software. There is no program that has all of its features currently on the market. This pile design professional software calculates the capacity of a single driven pile that is Concrete Pile, Steel Pile or a Timber Pile embedded in multilayer soil/rock formation.

The Timber pile can be square/rect. Or circle/octagon. It will display a range of shear & compression values from the ANSI/AWC NDS 2012 reference. If you have Circular or Octagon Timber pile, it will ask for the Drying Process.

The user can do geotechnical analysis of the pile and then proceed to structural design. This driven pile can be subjected to:

  • Lateral (Shear) Load
  • Downward Axial Load
  • Uplift or Tension Load
  • Negative Skin Friction
  • Static or Cyclic Loading and
  • Bending Moment


The site soils are often stratified so SoilStructure Driven Pile Professional software can handle up to 13 soil/rock layers. Analysis can be done in SI units or in English units. Supports Window XP/Vista/7/8/10 systems.

The top of pile can be either “FIXED HEAD” condition or a “FREE HEAD” condition. The user can do structural design of:

  • I- Shaped Steel Pile (AISC HP & W Piles, Australian Piles, British Piles & European Piles)
  • Hollow Pipe piles (small displacement or large displacement)
  • Concrete filled pipe piles (small displacement or large displacement) and
  • Timber Piles


As a result, you can use Driven Pile Professional Software to analyze:

  • Building foundations (up to 30 stories tall)
  • Wind turbine foundations
  • Offshore foundations
  • Bridge foundations
  • Sign support foundations
  • Solar foundations
  • And any driven single pile.


This program uses effective stress analysis on the axial capacity and beam-column equations on a pile on elastic foundation approach for lateral capacity. This program references Hetenyi, Poulos, Bowles, Hull, Young & Budynas, Azizi, and others. Also references the 2015 IBC, ACI 318-14 & AISC 15th Ed. Steel Manual.

Driven Pile Professional Software can be used by structural engineers since the lateral subgrade modulus values & skin friction/end bearing are “pre-filled” for you based on soil classification and consistency-however a geotechnical report and a soils engineer involvement is highly recommended.

Driven Pile Professional Software will be a geotechnical engineer’s ally, since structural loadings can be input along with soil layers. Effective Stress, Axial load distribution, Settlement and induced shear/moment/deflection are displayed in both tabular and in chart format. You can model as Static Capacity or if offshore or in seismic regions as Cyclic Capacity.

It is priced to be a profitable tool on your desktop from your very first project. You will love the ease of entry and use of standard units. The comprehensive report can be printed on paper or on a PDF format. All the input parameters should be very familiar with no request for obscure & complicated user input. The download version will unlock to a full license once purchased.

It takes just 20 minutes to design a pile not hours! Geotechnical Axial capacity, Geotechnical Lateral capacity, Static/Cyclic loading & structural design – All inside Driven Pile Professional Software


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