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Updated March 10, 2017

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SoilStructure CANTILEVER SHORING, is a tool that analyses and designs cantilever shoring piles. Spreadsheets are hard to preserve and it is time consuming to determine the depth of embedment and complex to compute the lateral deflection. This embedded retaining wall software only requires basic geometry and soils data. SoilStructure Software is pleased to announce the release of  Cantilever Shoring Software.  Others may refer to these retaining walls as Embedded Retaining Walls, King Piles, Berliner Wall, Soldier Beam Wall or Soldier Pile Wall. This is a current software that was programmed in Winter 2016/2017, so it is has State of the Art user interface and is very intuitive.

SoilStructure Cantilever Shoring software has both the English and the SI Units System. It allows the user to select GROSS PRESSURE method of analysis, NET PRESSURE method of analysis and a USER DEFINED method, where you can enter irregular & complex loading diagram.  This program can analyze and design cantilever embedded walls using soldier beams (soldier piles), and Coulomb earth pressures. You may reinforce the drilled pier with I-Beams and choose from Gross Earth Pressure Method or Net earth Pressure Method.

Unique to this shoring software is its ability to closely predict top of pile lateral deflection & accurately determine the induced maximum moment.  It will only take 15 minutes to do the calculations for a temporary shoring project.

You may select Timber lagging or Steel Plate Lagging.  SoilStructure Cantilever Shoring software will give you unfair advantage (economical beam sizes). The program was developed with a collaboration of a geotechnical engineer who worked for a design-build firm, a structural engineer with strong steel design experience and a skilled programmer with excellent QC and user experience background.  We make a living providing geotechnical parameters for shoring design & also preparing shoring design plans and calculations.  Therefore, this Cantilever Shoring Design software mimics real world practices.

This is the only software available on the market that designs soldier beams just like a professional shoring engineer.  No need for PY curves, finite element nodes and the like. We use classical limit equilibrium approach.  Further, it has only one purpose– to quickly & economically design cantilever soldier beams (soldier piles) shoring system.  Cantilever shoring is economical up to about 17 feet in height.  You may use SoilStructure Cantilever Shoring for up to 30 ft retained height; however, over 15 feet, the beam sections become heavier and deflections at the top of the ground surface start to govern.  Therefore, it is more economical to give the client a tieback wall with light section beams than opting for a heavier cantilever soldier pile when shored heights exceed 17 ft.  This program allows you to enter two soils – one soil for the backfill zone & the other for the passive zone.  Each soil can be sloped.  The passive soils have allowance for cohesion.  Both backfill and passive soils can accommodate soil-pile friction angle.  It is inappropriate to use cohesion in the backfill zone, since this reduces the induced lateral pressure. Given that lateral stresses can vary by up to 60% due to temperature & stratigraphy, it is appropriate to be conservative and avoid cohesion in the backfill zone.

The software Supports Window 7, 8 and 10 Systems.

Screen Shots

Cantilever Shoring 1 Cantilever Shoring 2
Cantilever Shoring 3 Cantilever Shoring 5
Cantilever Shoring 4 Cantilever Shoring 6
image-1-si-units image-2-si-units
image-3-si-units image-4-si-units

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