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SoilStructure TBWALL, removes the pain of using calculators in tied back retaining wall design.  Spreadsheets are hard to preserve and it is time consuming to do all the stability and design checks using in house tools. This anchored shoring wall software gives you pleasure and ease when analyzing tied back retaining structures.  When excavation cuts exceed 17 feet, the required section modulus of the soldier beam becomes increasingly large.  It is therefore more economical to use a tieback wall soldier beam system.

The most popular and most efficient method of designing tieback walls is the method proposed by Blum, later modified by Tschebotarioff and others. This is known as the equivalent beam method which is a special case of the fixed earth support method & is also very close to the elastic line method.

TBWall software can handle up to 4 levels of tiebacks or approximately 55 ft deep excavation.(95% of the cases).  This software allows you to enter the earth pressure loading, the tieback support levels, the beam shape (drop down menu), and tieback inclination.  Other software stop here.  However, TBWall also allows to enter vertical loading (axially loaded member check) & Lateral Torsional buckling check (LTB).  Also a check is made for adequacy in Shear, Bending and Deflection.  The charts have vertical orientation, just like the soldier pile and consist of loading, shear, moment, slope and deflection diagrams.

You may use either ENGLISH UNITS, in which case only compact sections of AISC W shaped beams would be displayed or SI UNITS, in which case metric beams and properties are shown.  The program uses ASD approach, which is current state of practice.

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Tieback Wall Design Example Report


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