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Sheetpile Design Software

This product is being redesigned with dual units & will be re-released when it becomes available


This is the first substructural software that we produced to due to client requests. We received many calls from consulting structural firm in the eastern & southeastern U.S. States to get a sheeting design software to the market. We honored that request and researched a consistent analysis method for the design of cantilevered and anchored sheetpile walls. We ended up using Blum’s method of design. Sheet pile wall has two modules- one for cantilever sheeting and the other for up to 3 levels of anchor support. You can use it to design cofferdams, cantilevered or anchored.

SoilStructure Sheetpile Design (Cantilever Module) is the only software with all of the following features:

  • Dynamic diagram of Sheeting, earth, water and surcharge pressures on the computer screen & in print.
  • Computation of active pressure & passive resistance using Rankine method (cohesion is ignored)
  • Checking for required embedment and then factoring by 1.3 to get design embedment
  • Convenient drop down menu of available sheeting & their associated properties per foot length.
  • Display of Shear, Moment, Slope and Deflection in tabular and chart formats.

In addition, Sheetpile Design (Anchored Module) has the following design checks:

  • Ability to define loading geometry (triangular, trapezoidal, rectangular, or unique user defined by picking 4 earth pressure values with depth (loading is usually given by the geotechnical engineer).
  • Use of the Equivalent Beam Method & the associated 1.1 h methodology
  • Drop down menu of common sheeting size and properties
  • Statics check of sum of loads versus sum of reactions
  • Design adequacy check for shear, bending and deflection
  • Calculation of required embedment, deadman length, anchor forces & test loads
  • Display of Shear, moment, Slope and Deflection in chart and tabular formats

SoilStructure Sheetpile Design references AISC Steel Manual 14th edition and Foundation Engineering, 2nd edition, by A.R. Jumikis.

Download Example Report in PDF

Sample Screen Shots

Sheetpile Design Screenshot 1 Sheetpile Design Screenshot 2 Sheetpile Design Screenshot 3
Sheetpile Design Screenshot 4 Sheetpile Design Screenshot 5 Sheetpile Design Screenshot 6